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Our 100% Raw Unrefined Shea Butter is the Essence of your brand. We ship from stocks held in the UK

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Experience that soothing change

Shea Butter, with its slightly smoky smell and silky feel on the skin, is extracted from the seeds of a tree that is native to West Africa. It has been characterised as a godsend and has been used for cosmetic, nutritional, and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Shea butter Guys are based in London we supply unrefined 100% raw shea butter from the mother land Ghana.Our unrefined raw Shea butter is as beautiful as it gets! It nourishes, it helps, it moisturizes and protects dry and all types of skin and hair.


Language of Beauty

Shea butter is still extracted manually and even though it is a painstakingly long process it is always best to choose the natural product over the refined ones. In its natural form not only it retains all of its natural content: Vitamin A, E, F, Minerals, proteins and fatty acids, but it is also known for its anti inflammatory purposes. Shea butter is perfect for rough, cracked skin as well as stretch marks, wrinkles, chapped lips and more. It enriches, soothes and gives Essence to the beauty of all shades and colours of skin.


We Export

The demand of raw unrefined Shea butter from West Africa (especially Ghana) is at an all time high. Our 100% unrefined raw Shea butter is the best! It has been tested in a lab in UK, England and has already received a COA in Ghana. We are in the process of getting our butter USDA certification in the USA, Vegan Logo as well and we have the capacity to export any quantity needed globally - We ship worldwide from our warehouse in the UK branch!


Introducing Shea butter guys

We sell 100% unrefined raw Shea butter from the motherland - African - Ghana. We ship from stocks held in the UK in /kg or in /tonnes. We export globally capacity ranging from 5 - 20,000 tonnes. We cater for the Food Industry / Cosmetic Industry and Medicine Industry.Contact us today, for a chance purchase / buy our unrefined raw ivory shea butter! email us info@sheabutterguys.co.uk or click on the hamburger menu top right to fill out your request.